Mayors Office

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is elected for a two year term at each Biennial Municipal Election. The Mayor’s term of office begins on the first Monday in January following the Municipal Election.

The powers and duties of the Mayor are outlined in Article 3 of the City Charter. The Mayor shall:

  1. See that the charter, the laws, the ordinances and other orders for the government of the City are enforced.
  2. See that a record is kept of all official acts of the Executive Branch of the City.
  3. Exercise a general supervision and direction over all City agencies.
  4. Be the chief procurement officer for the City responsible for buying, purchasing, renting, leasing, or otherwise acquiring all supplies and all services.
  5. The Mayor may delegate all or any portion of such powers and duties to a subordinate officer.
  6. Supervise, direct and be responsible for the efficient administration of all City activities and functions.
  7. Appoint, subject to the review of such appointments by the City Council, all City officers, department heads and the members of multiple-member bodies for whom no other method of appointment or selection is provided by the charter, excepting only persons serving under the School Committee, and persons serving under the City Council.

    Every order, ordinance, resolution or vote adopted or passed by the City Council relative to the affairs of the City, except memorial resolutions, the selection of City officers by the City Council and any matters relating to the internal affairs of the City Council, shall be presented to the Mayor for approval.

  8. The Mayor shall serve as the seventh member of the School Committee.
Mayors of Beverly
John I. Baker 1895*
Charles H. Odell 1896*
Freeborn W. Cressy 1897*
Perry Collier 1898*
Benjamin D. Webber 1899-1900
Samuel Cole 1901-1902
Parker Davis 1903-1904
Joseph A. Wallis 1905-1906
S. Harvey Dow 1907-1908
Charles H. Trowt 1909-1910
Frederick A. Dodge 1911-1912
Herman A. Macdonald 1913-1916
James McPherson 1917-1920
Frank D. Tuttle 1921-1922
George H. Whittemore 1923-1924
William Stopford 1925-1928
Roy K. Patch 1929-1930
James A. Torrey 1931-1932
Paul S. Eaton 1933-1934
James A. Torrey 1935-1936
Daniel E. McLean 1937-1948
Robert J. Rafferty 1949-1950
Clarence S. Wilkinson 1951-1957
Thomas J. Wickers, Jr. 1958-1965
Carl V. Joslin 1966-1967
James A. Vitale 1968-1969
Herbert F. Grimes 1970-1973
James A. Vitale 1974-1977
Peter F. Fortunato 1978-1983
F. John Monahan 1984-1993
William F. Scanlon, Jr. 1994-2001
Thomas M. Crean 2002-2003
William F. Scanlon, Jr. 2004-2013
Michael P. Cahill 2014-Present

* Terms were 1 year.