Water Main Rehab Project



The proposed work includes the cleaning and cement lining of approximately fifteen-thousand and four hundred (15,400) linear feet of 12-inch cast iron water main and five-thousand and three hundred (5,300) linear feet of 6/8-inch cast iron water main, including furnishing and installing all valves, hydrants, fittings, couplings and pavement as necessary to complete the work.

The City of Beverly’s awarded contractor, N. Granese & Sons, Inc.,  will be rehabilitating the water mains that supply water to the properties on the streets in and abutting your neighborhood. We anticipate beginning this work in the Spring of 2016 and completing it by early October. The purpose of this project is to improve our current infrastructure to enhance water quality and fire protection. This project will result in improved water quality, reduction in rusty water complaints, improved flows in the pipeline and a more efficient water distribution system.

The scope of the project will involve cleaning and cement lining of existing water mains, replacement of selected sections of water mains and the replacement of hydrants, valves, and substandard building services. Hard deposits (formed by corrosion) are removed from the interior of the main and a thin layer of cement mortar is applied to the interior pipe walls to prevent deposits from reforming.

The project is predominately trenchless but will involve excavation along the water mains and replacement of various water services from the house to the main. Please be aware that this project will involve temporary traffic delays, noise, vibrations, and staging of materials within the City right-of-way. Brief water service interruptions will be coordinated with you by the contractor as necessary.

We apologize for any temporary inconvenience this project may cause; however, the long-term benefits will be significant with respect to the reliability and quality of water service and fire protection.

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