Sewer Subsystem W

Sewer Subsystem W – Smoke Testing

Flow Assessment Services, LLC has been contracted by the City through Dewberry Engineers to conduct smoke testing of the sewer system in subsystem W (map attached).

Smoke testing consists of the crews removing manhole covers and blowing smoke into the sewer system to try to identify any connections/defects in the sewer system that might allow for rainwater to enter (roof leaders, catch basins, yard/driveway drains, etc).  Testing involves smoke which is nontoxic and non staining.  Prior to smoking we canvass the area door to door with flyers letting residents know what is taking place and when (example flyer attached).  The idea is to minimize any disruption to the residents and make sure emergency services are not called to respond unnecessarily.  A fire detail will be onsite with the crews. Work will commence on Wednesday August 15th 2018 until the project is completed.

Sewer Work Public Notice