Sewer Subsystem M

Sewer Subsystem M is an area generally defined as Lakeshore Drive to Hurd Stadium and Essex Street to Lothrop Street. The work for this project, described in the drawings, includes the cleaning, disposal of removed sediment/debris, and post cleaning CCTV inspection of sewer mains and sewer service laterals along approximately 25,000 linear feet of sewer mains in Sewer Subsystem M. Additionally, the removal and replacement via open cut construction of any sewer mains that have been found to have failed. Also, the rehabilitation of approximately 11,800 linear feet of 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 30-inch diameter sewer mains and 175 sewer service laterals through the installation of CIPP liners. Finally, the rehabilitation of approximately 100 sewer manholes by cleaning, plugging, repairing, and lining each manhole with either a cementitious or epoxy liner.

Please see the construction schedule here and set of plans here.