massDOT 128 Paving

exit 20a 20b pic

In general, this project consists of full width resurfacing on mainline Route 128, ramps at interchanges 18, 19 & 20 and selected portions of adjoining local roads. Work begins at the Danvers/Beverly Town line STA124+75.17 and extends northerly along Route 128 and terminates at the Beverly/Wenham Town line STA 235+57.14. The total project length of Mainline Route 128 work is approximately 4.48 miles. Guardrail improvements, drainage structure rebuilding and resetting, and line striping are also included.  For updates, visit  massDOT project # 607891MassDOT crews will remobilize on April 3rd for night work around the guardrails and center median near Exit 17 and heading noerthward on the northbound side towards the Wenham town line.