Exit 18/Essex Street Roundabout

The Exit 18 Essex Street Roundabout project is designed to convert the stop-controlled intersection of Essex Street and Old Essex Road to a single lane roundabout.  The project includes pavement removal, full depth reconstruction, upgrading the drainage system, installation of concrete sidewalks, installation of a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at the crosswalk on the eastbound approach of Essex Street, and the replacement of the guardrail at the northwest quadrant on the roundabout.

Minor components of the project are already underway but the more significant construction activities will begin in a couple weeks. The project is expected to be completed in one construction season. Please check this page for timeline and general construction updates. Please use the link below to view the construction plans for the project.

Construction Plans



New Two (2) Trash Barrel Limit Policy begins May 14, 2018

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