Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA)

The City of Beverly hired Dewberry Engineers, Inc. to facilitate the Hazard Mitigation Plan update process. Dewberry’s kickoff presentation outlines the plan/ scope of the project. Click here for the PowerPoint.  Dewberry’s PowerPoint presentation outlines the basis for prioritizing Hazard Identification and Hazard Prioritization, the first step in developing the plan.

The Committee will be asking for the Public’s input to discuss and define the Hazard Prioritization and Hazard Ranking Worksheet that is in progress based on the information/guidelines as developed by the Committee at the January 18, 2017 meeting. Click here for the Hazard Ranking Worksheet.

The Committee discussed hazards and then ranked each hazard. The ranking included evaluating each hazard for:

1. Probability

2. Area at risk/ percent damage

3. Primary impacts

4. Secondary Impacts

An algorithm used produced a score for each hazard on the weighted parameters. The score was then assigned to a corresponding range including:

1. Significant

2. Moderate

3. Limited

A Public meeting will be scheduled in the near future which will feature a brief overview of the materials outlined above, followed by an open discussion. We will update this page as soon as we have a date planned.