Animal Control

ACO Truck

Beverly Animal Control Mission Statement

The City of Beverly Animal Control Services Department is dedicated to providing prompt, courteous and professional services to the citizens of Beverly, MA.  Our primary goal is the prevention and eradication of rabies by educating the public concerning local and state laws, promoting animal owner responsibility, and by protecting the public from stray or dangerous animals.  Our secondary goal is to provide service to the public and animals through impound of stray animals and other animal related calls, issuing warnings or citations as necessary, investigation and prosecution of animal cruelty and abuse cases, and continued advanced education and training for Animal Control Officers.  The Beverly Animal Control Services Department makes every effort to respond to all calls and complaints received as to address the needs of citizens of the City of Beverly.

The Beverly Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) serve as Public Safety officers for the City of Beverly.  The ACO’s enforce local and state laws concerning animals, provide for stray, sick and injured animals in the City’s custody, and protect the public from free roaming dogs and sick wildlife.

The Beverly Animal Control Officers work under the direction and supervision of the Chief of Police.  All residents are encouraged to call or email the office to report animal related issues, emergencies during office hours and/or to file complaints and incident reports.