Name Contact Phone
A.D.A. Office TBD 978-921-6000
Animal Control Matt Lipinski 978-605-2361
Cemetery Department TBD 978-605-2352
City Accountant Carol Augulewicz 978-605-2301
City Assessor Terry DeBlasie 978-605-2307
City Clerk Lisa Kent 978-605-2326
City Solicitor Stephanie Williams 978-921-6000
Civil Defense Mark Foster, Director 978-922-5680
Collector of Taxes Rose Giuffrida 978-605-2316
Council on Aging Maryann Holak, Director 978-921-6017
Economic Development Darlene Wynne 978-921-6000
Electrical Department – traffic and street lights William Ambrefe, City Electrician 978-423-7468
Engineering Mike Collins, Director 978-921-6000
Finance Bryant Ayles, Director 978-605-2315
Fire Paul Cotter, Chief 978-922-2424
Harbor Master Daniel McPherson 978-921-6059
Health William Burke, Director 978-921-8591
Human Resources Pauline Teixeira, Director 978-921-6000
Information Technology Russell Fisk, Director 978-605-2375
Library Anna Langstaff, Director 978-921-6062
Mayor’s Office Michael Cahill, Mayor 978-921-6000
Municipal Airport Gloria Bouillon, Manager 978-921-6072
Municipal Inspections/Building Department Steven Frederickson, Director 978-921-6025
Parks and Recreation Bruce Doig, Director 978-921-6067
Planning Darlene Wynne, Director 978-921-6000
Police John G. LeLacheur, Chief 978-921-6040
Procurement (Purchasing) David Gelineau, Director 978-605-2350
Public Services Michael Collins, Director 978-921-6053
Schools Dr. Steve Hiersche, Superintendent of Schools 978-921-6100
Sealer of Weights and Measures Gloria Bouillon 978-921-6095
Veterans’ Services David Perinchief, Agent 978-778-5000