City of Beverly Announces Second Open House for the Beverly Harbor/Waterfront Planning Process


Please join the City as it holds an Open House on November 15, 2018 from 4 to 7 PM in the Barnet Gallery, Beverly Public Library, 32 Essex Street. The City recognizes that your schedule may not allow enough time to have attended the public meetings, so they are making an alternative available for those interested in learning more about the Beverly Harbor/Waterfront Planning process and the draft recommendations. City staff and members of the consultant team will be there to answer your questions and discuss the project and potential recommendations on a one-on-one basis.

For the purposes of this plan, the area to be studied is the Beverly harbor and east bank of the Bass River. Recently, the City has worked proactively to encourage appropriate development along the Beverly harbor front that allows mixed-uses while supporting water dependent uses, improves public access while respecting the character of surrounding neighborhoods. The creation of a Harbor/Waterfront plan is the next step in taking a comprehensive look at how the Beverly Harbor and Bass River should be developed. It will provide a cohesive approach that will result in a clear vision for development that creates a vibrant and active waterfront while providing improved public access and enjoyment of both the harbor and Bass River. Building upon the vision, the plan will also identify a strategy to achieve its goals and objectives to support its outcome.

Community input into the plan is critically important, as the plan will build upon both previous studies and information gathered from members of the public. The City has held two public meetings and one open house during the process. At the first public meeting and first open house, members of the community shared their knowledge of the study area and provided feedback on potential strategies for the area. At the second public meeting, community members provided feedback about specific strategies and land uses for the future of the harbor and waterfront.

The project team has met regularly with the Beverly Harbor/Waterfront Planning Advisory Committee (BHWPAC) throughout the process. It is composed of community members and business representatives. The BHWPAC has reviewed and commented on the planning process in general and has provided oversight and input on research, conclusions, and recommendations leading to the draft plan.

A consultant team that includes Harriman, FXM Associates, and GEI Consultants is assisting the City throughout the process. Harriman is a design and engineering firm, whose Boston studio has a focus on urban planning, urban design, and landscape architecture. FXM Associates provides economic planning services and GEI Consultants provides multi-disciplined engineering and technical services for public and private sector clients. The above partners are working closely with multiple municipal departments to ensure that the resulting plan benefits from information previously gathered and effectively responds to the community’s needs.