On April 11, 2016, the City of Beverly announced that it has begun offering residents and businesses the ability to apply, pay for, and receive building, electrical, gas, plumbing and mechanical permits online. Users will also have the ability to check the status of permits and inspections electronically.

In addition this will allow for interdepartmental routing electronically, expediting the review process. To use the online permitting system, a user must first register. This is a onetime process that should take only a matter of minutes to complete. Once registered, a user can log back in and information will auto-fill on permit applications. Applicant can easily add attachments (plans, pictures, specs, etc) to the application. Once submitted, applicants can review from the online dashboard the status of their application, including scheduling of inspections, the results of inspections and comments from departments. Users also have the ability to electronically track all recent permitting history for any parcel in the City. Payments can be made for their permit online as well (users can always pay in person by check or credit card).

Mayor Michael Cahill said, “We are excited to offer the convenience of obtaining a permit online. Beverly is a community that strives to be at the forefront of creative thinking and innovation. Offering online permitting will enhance how we deliver services to the citizens of Beverly.”

Director of Municipal Inspections Steve Fredrickson said, “We’re very excited to take this next big step in improving customer service. On-line permitting will reduce the paperwork and application time for homeowners and contractors and it will streamline the interdepartmental permit review process. It will also allow permit holders to check on the status of their application and to check on the results of inspections electronically. It is the plan that on-line permitting and licensing will eventually be available for all municipal departments in the coming months.”

To access online permitting please visit the Municipal Inspections Department Page through the city website at or directly by visiting For those who prefer not to use online permitting the Municipal Inspections Department will still accept hard copies of their plans, pictures, specs, etc. We encourage applicants to provide a thumb drive with submitted documents as well.

5-9-2016 EPermitting