Waste Reduction Committee

The Beverly Waste Reduction Committee is a resource for Beverly as we work to Reduce our Waste through Recycling, Composting, and Education. We are volunteers who meet the first Thursday of each month at City Hall.

Please visit us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/beverlyrecycles


Citywide Curbside Food Compost Enrollment is now open. Click here to enroll. 

This program is managed by 

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and the

Beverly Waste Reduction Committee 

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See basic composting guidelines here



Member Address Term Expires
Sandy Burgess 14 Walker Road March 31, 2021
John Swain 60 Rantoul Street 403N March 31, 2021
Toni Musante 12 Willow Street March 31, 2022
Lisa Willwerth 15 Fern Street March 31, 2022
Sue Higgins- CHAIR 17 Crosby Ave March 31, 2023
Nancy Dillon 4 Middle Street March 31, 2020
Joyce Herman 36 Hull Street March 31, 2023