OSRD off Thaxton Rd & Grover St

Open Space Residential Design Site Plan #11-18 & Definitive Subdivision Plan

Phase II: Site Plan ReviewPublic Hearing continued to May 21, 2019

Thaxton-OSRD&DEF-Application 030619




Site Visit – April 30, 2019


Phase I: Initial Review – establishes Yield (maximum # of lots) and a preferred Concept Plan. COMPLETED

Revised Concept Plans – Identified Concept A.1 as Preferred Plan at October 30, 2018 Planning Board meeting.



Initial Review for the Yield Plan (public hearing) and Concept Plan (public comment period)

OSRD Thaxton/Grover Initial Review Letter & Application

{Plans replaced with above}

Yield Plan establishing maximum number of lots as, 3 lots, approved in September 2018.