Planning Board

Planning Board Meeting Schedule

2020 Planning Board Meeting Schedule & Filing Deadlines*
*last revised February 18, 2020

March 10, 2020 meeting will be held at the Beverly Middle School Library. The filing deadline for this meeting is Monday, March 2, 2020 (was incorrect on prior schedule).

Note: The Board’s meetings may vary from the 3rd Tuesday of the month since we have added additional meetings. Please confirm with the schedule linked above.


Meeting Agendas are posted on the City Meeting Calendar (toggle to Agenda / list style to be able to download the agenda).
View Planning Board Minutes here

Projects Under Review by the Planning Board

Plans for most projects submitted for review by the Planning Board can be found on the City’s Projects & Development page. All project files can be reviewed at the Planning Department, City Hall, 3rd Floor, 191 Cabot Street.

PlanBeverly – Comprehensive Master Plan

In April 2019, the City began the process of developing a new Comprehensive Master Plan for Beverly, PlanBeverly. This is expected to be a year-long process with ample opportunities for public input and engagement. Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 81D, the Planning Board votes to adopt a Master Plan.

Draft Recommendations and Strategies are available for review at the above website. Comments are due to by January 10, 2020.


Planning Board Members

Member Address Term Expires
Ellen Hutchinson, Chair 4 Concord Terrace December 31, 2022
Vacant December 31, 2022
Sarah Bartley 10 Kittredge Street December 31, 2021
Derek Beckwith 564 Hale Street December 31, 2021
Vacant December 31, 2021
Alexander Craft 1 Emily Way December 31, 2020
Ellen Flannery 30 Conant Street, 3E December 31, 2020
Allison Kilcoyne 26 Linden Street December 31, 2022
Wayne Miller 5 Pasture Rd December 31, 2020

Please forward comments or questions through the Planning Department.
Planning Board Staff Planner: Darlene Wynne – or 978-605-2343
Planning Board Administrative Staff: Cynthia McPherson – or 978-605-2343