Parking and Traffic Commission


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Member Address Term Expires
Richard Benevento, Chair, City Council Appointee  56 Peaslee Circle, Middleton Ma March 1, 2017
Sgt. Russ Rollins, Jr., Traffic Sergeant, Police Department Representative c/o Beverly Police Department, 195 Cabot Street March 1, 2016
Bill Bent, Vice-Chair, Mayoral Appointee 22 Turkey Shore Road, Ipswich Ma March 1, 2017
Richard Hutchinson, City Council Appointee 20 Sylvan Road March 1, 2017
John Somes, Chamber of Commerce Representative 100 Cummings Center, Suite 107K March 1, 2016
Aaron Clausen, City Planner c/o City Hall, 191 Cabot Street March 1, 2015
Bill Fiore, Fire Department Representative c/o Central Fire Station, 15 Hale Street March 1, 2016