Historic District Commission

Member Address Term Expires
William Finch, Chair 50 Front Street April 1, 2020
Caroline Baird-Mason 583 Hale Street April 1, 2021
Wendy Pearl 21 Morningside Drive April 1, 2021
Suzanne Lamont, Vice Chair 20 Porter Street April 1, 2022

The regular August meeting of the Historic District Commission, previously scheduled for August 22, 2019, at 7:00PM, is hereby cancelled due to lack of new business.  Please contact Associate Planner Emily Hutchings at 978-605-2346 or ehutchings@beverlyma.gov with any questions.

View our 2019 Historic District Commission Meeting Schedule here.

View the Historic District Commission Rules of Procedure here.

Historic Resource Survey Update

A historic resource survey update was recently completed, including the survey of three historic areas, two historic buildings, and two historic landscapes.  The Final Report for this project can be viewed here.

Please click here to access the surveys.  Please contact the Planning Department for additional information.