Financial Forecasting Committee

View our Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and other documents here.

Member Address Term Expires
James Latter, City Council 145 Park Street 12-31-2019
Estelle Rand, City Council  3 Agate Street 12/31/2019
Karen Fogarty,City Council, Citizen Representative 169 East Lothrop Street  12/31/2018
Rachael Abell,School Committee  19 Echo Ave 12/31/2019
Kelley Ferretti, School Committee  8 Highland Ave 12-31-2019
Medley Long, School Committee, Citizen Representative 24 West Street, #2 L 12-31-2018
Paul Manzo- Mayoral Appointment 89 Lovett Street 12-31-2019
Bryant Ayles 191 Cabot St.
Jean Sherburne 70 Balch Street
Gerard Perry (Ex-Officio)  191 Cabot Street

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