Economic and Community Development Council

View our Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and other documents here.

The mission of the Economic and Community Development Council (ECDC) is to enhance the City’s economic infrastructure by facilitating investments that build capacity, create jobs, generate economic opportunity and ultimately improve quality of life. The ECDC shall advise the Mayor in the development of an economic development and community development policy for the City of Beverly and in the creation and implementation of strategic planning initiatives that will effectuate this policy.

The next meeting of the ECDC will take place on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 4:30 PM, Beverly City Hall, 3rd floor, conference room B.  Click here for agenda.

Member Address Term Expires
Paul Guanci, President and Councilor-at-Large, Beverly City Council, City Council representative 54 Cross Lane
Neiland Douglas, Industrial Representative 125 New Balch Street
William Howard, Community Representative c/o 254 Cabot Street
Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce Representative Vacant
Richard Marino, Hospitality Representative  7 Ives Street
Michael O’Brien, Member at  Large, Community  9 Willow Street
Aaron Clausen, Director of Planning and Development, Ex-Officio  City Hall, 191 Cabot Street
Denise Deschamps, Economic Development Planner, Ex-Officio City Hall, 191 Cabot Street
Michael Collins, Commissioner of Public Services and Engineering, Ex-Officio  148 Park Street