Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and per Governor Baker’s emergency order regarding the submission and process of permit applications, the Planning Department and the respective boards and commissions overseen by the department – including the Design Review Board – have established revised permit application procedures.

Please click here to download the revised procedures for submitting applications.

Site Plan Review Application

Site Plan Review Application Instructions. Please review these instructions prior to completing your site plan review application.

WAIT! This Site Plan Review Application is not for signs.  For the updated sign application, please see further down this page.

Site Plan Review Application (updated May 2018)


Sign Application

Sign Application (updated May 2018)

If you have a business in Beverly, you may want a sign. In Beverly, signs that are visible from a public way require a sign permit. Please review the sign application (above) and the following documents for information on the process of getting a commercial sign in Beverly.

  1. Sign Permit Application Process.  All signs, unless explicitly stated in the Sign Ordinance, must be reviewed by the Design Review Board (DRB).  This is the first document you should review to understand the approval process for signs.
  2. Beverly Sign Ordinance.  In Beverly, the Sign Ordinance regulates the City’s signage, and establishes where signs can be placed and how large they are. Signs that comply with the Ordinance need (1) approval from the DRB, and (2) a sign permit from the Building Department. Signs that are not explicitly allowed by the Sign Ordinance require a Special Permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions.
  4. Examples of Sign Applications. To assist business owners in developing sign applications, the Design Review Board has provided imagery from three separate sign applications that clearly demonstrate how signs will be developed and erected.  Please note that these images do not guarantee that the Design Review Board will approve similar signs; the imagery is solely intended to demonstrate applicants may clearly show what signs look like, the dimensions of signs, and how the signs will appear when placed in their permanent locations.
    1. Example Sign Application 1 – Taste Buds Kitchen
    2. Example Sign Application 2 – Art by Alyssa
    3. Example Sign Application 3 – Chive Events
  5. DRB 2020 Meeting Schedule and Deadlines. Please note that applicants must meet the corresponding application deadline for submissions if they want to attend a certain meeting.
  6. Sign Definitions.  There are multiple types of signs that a business can install.  This document describes different types of signs that are commonly used to advertise businesses.
  7. List of Sign Makers.  The City of Beverly does not recommend specific sign makers for projects.  However, the provided list includes local sign makers whose signs have been approved by the DRB in the recent past.

If you are opening or expanding a business in the downtown, please click here for details about Beverly Main Streets’ Facade and Sign Improvement Program, a program in partnership with the City to provide assistance to business and property owners looking to improve downtown storefronts.  Grants are available to help business owners create exemplary signs in accordance with Beverly’s Downtown Design Guidelines.  Please contact Gin Wallace at Beverly Main Streets or Emily Hutchings at the Beverly Planning Department for additional information.

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