Design Review Board

DRB 2018 meeting deadlines

Please note that the January 2018 DRB meeting has been postponed to Thursday, January 11, 2018, at 6:30pm

The Design Review Board consists of seven members: representatives from the Planning Department, the Planning Board, the Board of Appeals, the Historic District Commission, an architect, a landscape architect or graphic designer and a business person and/or property owner from the downtown. The Board meets the first Thursday evening of each month at City Hall and reviews proposals for signs throughout the City as well as projects going through Site Plan Review with the Planning Board. These projects range from new construction in the downtown, to renovations of existing commercial buildings, to projects along the waterfront. The Board focuses on design elements including: landscaping, building materials and colors, lighting and windows. Oftentimes, the Board’s recommendations are incorporated into the final plans and designs for a project.


Member Address Term Expires
Sandra Cook, Chair 23 Broadway December 1, 2019
Joel Margolis 1 Worthington Green December 1, 2019
Matthew Ulrich 16 James Street December 1, 2018
Rachel Matthews 60 Rantoul St, Unit 602 December 1, 2020
Ellen Flannery 30 Conant St December 1, 2020