Community Preservation Ordinance Committee

The City of Beverly voters adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in November of 2012.  The CPA is a smart growth tool that helps communities preserve open space and historic sites and structures, create affordable housing and develop outdoor recreational facilities.  CPA funds will be raised through the imposition of a surcharge on real estate taxes (1% in Beverly’s case) and will be matched in part with funds from a statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund.  Click here for text of ballot question.  For more information about the CPA, visit the Community Preservation Coalition’s website.

Funds raised by the CPA and leveraged from the State may only be used for the purposes of open space protection, historic preservation, affordable housing and outdoor recreation.  A Community Preservation Committee will be responsible for creating a Community Preservation Plan and for making recommendations to the City Council on how CPA funds should be spent.

Before the permanent committee could be appointed an ordinance spelling out the committee’s membership and duties needed to be created.  To that end, the City Council and Mayor appointed an ad-hoc Community Preservation Ordinance Committee and charged it with drafting the required local ordinance (CPC Ordinance).  See membership list below.

The ad-hoc committee met several times early in 2013 and prepared a draft CPC Ordinance for consideration by the City Council.  This draft Ordinance was submitted to the City Clerk and was formally received by the City Council in the spring of 2013.  Below are links to the draft CPC Ordinance and the ad-hoc committee’s cover letter to the City Council.

 Draft Proposed Community Preservation Committee Ordinance

Ad-Hoc Committee Letter to the City Council


The City Council passed the Ordinance, with amendments, and the Mayor signed it on June 19, 2013.  Below is the link to the final approved Community Preservation Committee Ordinance.  The ad-hoc Ordinance Committee dissolved once the Ordinance went into effect.

Final Approved Community Preservation Committee Ordinance

Please visit the Community Preservation Committee’s webpage for furhter information on the Committee’s activities and more information on the Community Preservation Act and its implemenation here in Beverly.

Name Address Term Expires
Wendy Pearl, Community Preservation Beverly Campaign Appointee Committee will disolve once Ordinance is passed
Robert Buchsbaum, Community Preservation Beverly Campaign Appointee
Marilyn McCrory, Community Preservation Beverly Campaign Appointee
Lincoln Williams , City Council Appointee
Heather Richter, City Council Appointee
Matthew St. Hilaire, City Council Appointee
Peter von Zweck, Mayoral Appointee
Cathryn Keefe O’Hare, Mayoral Appointee
Shawn Mahoney, Mayoral Appointee