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3rd Round 2016 CPA Application Summary Table

3rd Round 2016 CPA Application Schedule  

CPA Fact Sheet, 2016 Round 3 

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  • Thursday October 20, 2016 AGENDA
  • Thursday November 17, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m., 3rd Floor City Hall 
  • Thursday December 8, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m. Annual Public Hearing – Barnett Gallery, Public Library

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CPA Fund Balance – At-a-Glance

3rd Round 2016 CPA Funding Application Materials:

2016 Application Timeline Flowchart

2016 Pre-Application Project Eligibility Determination Form

2016 Application Instructions

Project Evaluation Criteria & DOR Allowable Uses Chart

2016 CPA Funding Application

CPA Project Budget Form

CPA Project Schedule Form

CPA Special Out-of-Cycle Application Criteria & Process

 **Attention historic project applicants:
The CPC requires that historic projects receive a Determination of Historical Significance from the Beverly Historic District Commission (HDC).  The HDC has established a process and application form for determining whether a building, vessel, real property, document or artifact is significant to the history, archaeology, architecture or culture of Beverly.  The HDC will use the criteria for listing on the National Register of Historic Places on the local level in making its determination.
The CPA 2016 3rd Round Funding Cycle timetable has been established, with pre-application Project Eligibility Determination Pre-Application Forms due by March 4, 2016.  Historic project applicants must apply to the HDC for Determination of Historic Significance by January 20, 2016 to be considered at the January 27, 2016 meeting or February 17, 2016 to be considered at the February 24, 2016 meeting.   Please visit the Beverly Historic District Commission website for more information and application form.  Said HDC Determination must be submitted to the CPC with the Project Eligibility Pre-Application forms.

 CPC 1st Round 2014 Project Funding Recommendations APPROVED by City Council & signed by the Mayor

CPC 2nd Round Project Funding Recommendations to City Council 

CPA Letter of Introduction and Informational Brochure – Mailer to Residents

Helpful Links:

Community Preservation Committee Ordinance

Community Preservation Act – MGL Chapter 44B

Chart Detailing Allowable Spending Purposes of CPA Funds

Community Preservation Coalition Website

US Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties – Guidance On How Historic Properties and Structures Shall Be Rehabilitated or Restored  

The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was formed in July 2013 shortly after the Community Preservation Ordinance was signed into effect by the Mayor.  See Membership List below.  The CPC had its first meeting in early August and has been meeting regularly ever since as it begins to discharge its duties as prescribed under the Ordinance and the Act. 
The CPC has developed a set of guidelines that include project selection criteria, application materials and procedures, which had the benefit of review and comment by various City boards and commissions and the residents of Beverly through a public hearing process. 
Name Address Term Expires
Heather Richter – At-Large City Council Appointee July 31, 2016
Christy Edwards – At-Large City Council Appointee July 31, 2017
Jon Paddol – At-Large City Council Appointee July 31, 2018
Robert Buchsbaum – Conservation Commission Representative July 31, 2018
Wendy Pearl, Chair – Historic District Commission Representative July 31, 2016
James Matz – Planning Board Representative July 31, 2017
Henry Pizzo – Parks & Recreation Commission Representative July 31, 2016
Marilyn McCrory, Vice Chair – Open Space & Recreation Committee Representative July 31, 2017
Thomas Bussone, II – Housing Authority Representative July 31, 2018