City Council


The Beverly City Council consists of nine members who exercise the legislative powers of the City as set forth in the City Charter and Ordinances. Three of these members, known as “Councillors-at-Large,” are nominated and elected by the voters at large. Six of these members, known as “Ward Councillors,” shall be nominated and elected by the voters of each ward. One Ward Councillor is elected from each of the six wards into which the City is divided. The term of office for all City Councillors shall be for two years each, beginning on the first Monday of January in the year following their election, and until their successors have been qualified. The City Council operates via a documented set of rules and orders.


Regular City Council meetings typically occur on the first and third Mondays of the month (except on holidays). City Council Committee meetings occur on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. At any time a Committee can change to a different night relative to the importance of what is before them for discussion. The City Clerk attends and keeps records of all meetings of the City Council. View Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and other documents.


Finance and Property Legal Affairs Public Service
Timothy Flaherty (Chair)  John Frates (Chair) Julie Flowers (Chair)
 Paul Guanci  Scott Houseman Todd Rotondo
 Estelle Rand  Kathleen Feldman Stacy Ames


Member Address Term Expires
Paul Guanci, President, At-Large 54 Cross Lane  12/31/2021
Timothy P. Flaherty, At-Large 1 Michael Road  12/31/2021
Julie R. Flowers, At-Large 8 Munroe Street #2  12/31/2021
Todd C. Rotondo, Ward 1 29 Kernwood Avenue  12/31/2021
Estelle M. Rand, Ward 2, Vice President 3 Agate Street  12/31/2021
Stacy M. Ames, Ward 3 3 Prospect Street #1  12/31/2021
Scott D. Houseman, Ward 4 27 Appleton Avenue  12/31/2021
Kathleen M. Feldman, Ward 5  20 Somerset Avenue  12/31/2021
John P. Frates, Jr.,Ward 6  21 Landers Drive  12/31/2021