City Council

Committees meet second and fourth Mondays. At any time a Committee can change to a different night relative to the importance of what is before them for discussion.

Finance and Property Legal Affairs Public Service
James Latter (Chair)  Scott Houseman David Lang (Chair)
 Estelle Rand Donald Martin
John Frates

View our Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and other documents here.

Member Address Term Expires
Paul Guanci, President, At-Large 54 Cross Lane  1/1/2020
David J Lang, Ward 1 2 Fosters Point  1/1/2020
Estelle Rand, Ward 2 3 Agate Street  1/1/2020
James F. Latter, Ward 3 145 Park Street  1/1/2020
Donald G. Martin, Ward 5 27 Berrywood Lane  1/1/2020
Scott D. Houseman,Vice President Ward 4 27 Appleton Avenue  1/1/2020
John P. Frates, Jr. Ward 6 21 Landers Dr.  1/1/2020
Tim Flaherty, At-Large  1/1/2020
Julie Flowers, At-Large  1/1/2020