Cable Television Advisory Commission

The primary mission of the Beverly Cable Advisory Commission (CAC) is to serve as an advisor on cable TV matters to the Mayor, and, among other responsibilities, to act on behalf of the citizens of Beverly to help resolve television service issues they may have with either the cable TV service or the local public access television station. If you have a complaint about your TV, phone or internet service from our current providers, Comcast or BevCam, please contact us. We will see to it that your issue(s) will be taken up and responded to. Please note that while only the state has authority over cable rates, we can certainly pass along your comments and concerns. Please use the link below to send any comments or complaints.



Member Address Term Expires
Al Torsey 14 Lincoln Street January 31, 2018
Eric Overberg 174 Colon Street January 31, 2016
January 31, 2017
Alex Ushakoff, III 106 Cabot Street January 31, 2017
Muriel Zaginailoff 24 Sunnyvale Street January 31, 2017
Diane Costa 14 Atlantic Avenue January 31, 2016