Beverly Affordable Housing Trust

Mission Statement

The mission of the Beverly Affordable Housing Trust is to maximize access to affordable housing in Beverly for low- to moderate-income households.

Current Meeting Agendas


Please see the most current Notice of Funding Availability (2018) below for the funding programs and allocations presently offered by the Affordable Housing Trust. At this time, the Trust does not have a program for First Time Homebuyers or Housing Rehab grants or loans. Call the Planning Department with any questions. [February 2020]

About the Affordable Housing Trust

On January 5, 2017, Beverly’s City Council approved an Ordinance (Order 17-301) creating an Affordable Housing Trust Fund (BAHT) for the specific purpose of establishing a mechanism for the City to provide funding in support of the creation and preservation of affordable housing within the City of Beverly for the benefit of low- to moderate-income households. The BAHT will be funded through contributions from developers under Section 300-108B(2), the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance and associated Regulations; funds appropriated under the Community Preservation Act (CPA), MGL Chapter 44B and Chapter 267 of the Acts 2000 as amended; and other potential sources.

Programs & Applications

The BAHT will accept applications for funding on a rolling, monthly basis.

  • BAHT Guidelines can be found here (includes application form).
  • BAHT Application Package (includes application form)

Typical Funding Schedule
(see Guidelines for Year 2018 funding schedule)

Timeline Task
October 1 BAHT issues annual notice of funding availability (NOFA) for next calendar year.
Mid-October BAHT holds Public Informational Meeting.
By October 30¹ Submit letter of interest to BAHT with summary of proposed project seeking funding during next calendar year.
Last day of each month* Submit application to the City’s Planning and Development Department for recommendation to Trustees for funding during next calendar year.
(w/in 45 days)
Meeting: Trustees meet to review application(s) and determine if any additional information is required. Meeting will be held within 45 days of receipt of application. Additional meetings may be held if necessary.
(w/in 30 days)
Decision: Trustees vote to grant or disapprove application(s) within 30 days from final meeting. Vote may be taken at initial meeting if Trustees feel they have sufficient information to take such action.
Rolling Enact contract for funding with Planning and Development Department.

¹Or Friday before, by Noon, if falls on a weekend.

Funding Awarded

At its October 10, 2018 meeting, the BAHT reviewed and awarded funding for the following applications:

Anchor Point BAHT application 8.30.18

Cabot Housing BAHT Application 8.30.18

Earlier in 2018, they awarded funds to the 2 Hardy Street project.

Initial Notice of Funding Availability (2018)

This Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) is directed to organizations (non-profit and for-profit) and individuals that are interested in and capable of providing affordable housing and/or related services within the City of Beverly, Massachusetts. [Posted: Dec 15, 2017]

BAHT NOFA Year 2018

BAHT NOFA Public Information Presentation [January 11, 2018]


Member Address Term Expires
Michael P. Cahill Mayor January 31, 2021
Aaron Clausen, Chair Director, Planning & Community Development January 31, 2019
Bryant Ayles, Treasurer Municipal Finance Director January 31, 2019
Susan Gabriel, Clerk 26 Dartmouth Street January 31, 2021
Richard Dinkin 93 Bridge Street January 31, 2021

Staff: Darlene Wynne, Assistant Planning Director (

Meeting Schedule

The BAHT meets as necessary to conduct their regular business and review applications and will generally meet at least 6 times per year. Meeting dates and times will be posted on the home page and City Meetings Calendar.

View Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and other City documents here.

Affordable Housing Trust Agendas


2020 Agendas

AHT Agenda 07-22-20 Revised

AHT Agenda 7-22-2020