April 9, 2020 8:00pm – Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Hi. This is Mayor Mike Cahill, sending out a smile and warm thoughts, and calling with some important updates.

First, per order of the Beverly Board of Health, starting Sunday morning, employees of all grocery stores, pharmacies, take out restaurants, and other essential retail stores must wear a face covering at all times while at work.

Further, all customers must wear a face covering upon entering these establishments.  As we all now know, wearing a face covering can lessen the chance of the person wearing the covering spreading COVID-19 to others.  So, to make us all safer, we all need to wear them.  And, since this is not a guarantee of safety, we all still need to physically keep away from each other.  And to only go to these stores when we truly need to.

Your face covering does not need to be fancy.  And if, like me, you’re not the greatest sewer, you can take a scarf, a bandana, a t-shirt or piece of fabric to fold or cut up.  Wrap it around your face, covering your nose and mouth, fasten it, and you’ll be good to go.  If you need guidance on how to make your face covering, please look on the city website – – click the COVID-19 icon or banner – then look under Cloth Face Coverings in the center of the page.  It has become clear that wearing face coverings is a necessary part of stopping the spread of this virus, and I thank you in advance for your embrace of this measure.

Second, to the many families who will be picking up school meals for your kids tomorrow.  Please wear a face covering when you pick up these meals.  This will protect your neighbors and our hard working school employees and volunteers who are making this all possible.

Third, as of tonight, we have had 113 Beverly residents test positive for COVID-19.  Please remember, with too few available tests and with many people not exhibiting symptoms but still contagious, there are clearly more of us with COVID-19 than the number of positive tests will show.

Friends, we know tonight that thus far at least seven Beverly residents have lost their lives to this virus.  Let us all please hold them and their loved ones in our hearts tonight, and in our thoughts and prayers.  And for those of our Beverly neighbors who are currently fighting to get better, let us send them all our love and healing power.

We can all do more.  We must stay away from each other physically, wear face coverings whenever we leave our homes – and that includes jogging and biking, wash our hands frequently, avoid touching our face, wash our face coverings each night when we get home.  This virus jumps from one of us to the next when we touch an infected surface or object, and through exhaled droplets in the air when we get too close to each other.  If we can stop these transmissions, we will stop the virus.  We will save lives.

We need to keep our focus, to stay this course.  We are at war with this virus.  Not a quick and easy battle – but a war.  A war that demands sacrifices of us all.  And a war that we will win. With persistence and determination. Together.  Apart.

And last, we need each other more than ever now.  So please, reach out to a friend, a neighbor – if you need to hear another person’s voice, or if you know someone who might need to hear your voice.  Or both.  And please be well and stay healthy.  Thank you.