April 7, 2020, 11:00am – Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call & Video


Hi Friends.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill with a COVID-19 update on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

First, our Board of Health has issued an advisory that everyone should wear a mask or face covering whenever we are out in public.  We have posted instructions on the city website – – and on social media on how to make your own mask at home.  We also are seeking volunteers to make and donate masks that we will give to Beverly residents who need one.  Details are on the city website.

Second, Sunday, the Board of Health issued an order that the sidewalks on Lothrop St. between Hale and Stone streets are now one way – please walk on the sidewalk facing vehicle traffic – this way no one has to bump into someone walking or jogging the other way along the same sidewalk.  This is an order and will be enforced.

As for elsewhere around Beverly, I ask you and I strongly advise the following: If there are two sidewalks where you are walking, please walk on the side of the road facing traffic, and the same goes for streets with no sidewalks.  If there is a sidewalk on only one side, please use your best judgement to keep yourself safe – and please, let’s all be kind and patient and do our very best to keep a safe physical distance from each other.

Third, as of last evening, there are nearly 90 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Beverly.  Please remember that many people who have not been tested are positive and trying to recover at home, while even more are not symptomatic and, therefore, the risk for transmitting the virus remains high throughout our community.

Fourth, a reminder on food shopping.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, it will be Wards one and two residents’ day to grocery shop.  Please only grocery shop when you really need to, and when you do shop, do so only on your designated days.

Last, friends, today we are blessed with more beautiful weather.  We all know that we together – by our own actions – will determine how many of us get sick with this virus.  When you are outside today, stay far away from everyone who does not live with you in your home.  This virus will die when we stop allowing it to jump from one person to the next.  Please think of every one of us with every choice you make.  For our neighbors who are sick and for everyone who needs our kindness and love now, let’s all keep healing thoughts in our hearts.  Be well everyone.