April 5, 2020, 6:30pm – Mayor Cahill’s Swift911 Call


Hi.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill with a Sunday evening update.

First, as hoped, the state has passed legislation that allows the city to – and we will – waive interest and penalties for late payment of the following taxes and fees billed after March 10th.  Excise taxes, water and sewer fees, and property taxes, as long as these bills are paid by June 30th of this year.  Understanding that many among us have lost much or all of your income in the last month, this is the time for community to carry us through together.  And so, I strongly encourage all of us who can to pay our bills on time.  The city needs to keep providing critical services right now.  This is one way we can help our neighbors in this historically dangerous and challenging time.

For our neighbors who are renters, our Board of Health has ordered a moratorium on evictions in Beverly.  So, for as long as this public health emergency lasts, all Beverly tenants will be secure in your homes.  However, I ask every tenant who can to pay your rent on time, so your landlords will be able to pay their property taxes.  We need to all be in this together in every way.

Second, our letter carriers have requested that we all keep our distance from them as they deliver our mail.  Please don’t break that safe distance to take your mail from them by hand.  Let them place the mail in the box or slot.

Third, now that the CDC recommends we all wear masks in public, if you can make or secure a mask, please do so now.  If you can’t get a mask on your own, please contact my office and we will try to help you.

Last for now, if you can and want to volunteer your time or make a very needed donation to our local food pantry, please go to the city website – – Click on the COVID-19 banner or icon, then click on “How can I help?” on the left side of the page.

As I said this morning, every decision each of us makes will have an impact.  Keeping our health care workers, first responders, and all of us in Beverly safe is our most important job now.  I am very hopeful we will as individuals and collectively make the right decisions and stop the spread of this virus.  Thank you, All.  I wish you a restful evening.