April 19, 2020: Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Hi.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill on a beautiful Sunday evening.  As we begin a new week in this war with the novel Coronavirus-19, I want to thank you all.  We continue to be in an incredibly challenging time in history, and the kindness, compassion, and care we are displaying for each other each and every day in Beverly is heartening and reassuring.

Most people in Beverly are making lots of good decisions, thoughtfully working hard to slow the spread of the virus.  Thank you!  With that said, our community-wide response still needs to be better.  To each person who is still going into our stores with no face covering, to each person who chooses to walk, jog and otherwise exercise in our parks and along our busiest sidewalks with no face covering and while not keeping a safe distance from neighbors, I ask you tonight – please look into your heart. Please think of others and make a better choice now to protect the health of your neighbors.  We are all just trying to keep each other safe.  Please commit yourself now to do your part.

Stay physically away from other people.  Wear a face covering when you go shopping and to pick up takeout.  Wear a face covering outdoors when you are going to come within six feet of anyone else.  This is an enforceable order at stores and restaurants and a strong advisory when outdoors.  Use the sidewalk on the left side of the street facing traffic.  This is an enforceable order along Lothrop Street by the beaches and a strong advisory everywhere else.

As of today, we have had 205 Beverly people test positive for COVID-19, and we have had 25 Beverly residents’ lives taken by this virus.  Both numbers are conservative counts and are almost certainly higher.  As I have said before, please join me in keeping all the people affected and those taken from us by this virus in our thoughts and prayers.  Please keep checking in with neighbors.  Please look at the resources on our city website – – including 24 hour hotline numbers for any of you who do not feel safe in your home for any reason.

We are in the midst of a surge in COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts.  We need to be resolute in our commitment to distancing from each other, to breaking the chain of transmission, and to crushing this virus.  Please stay strong, Beverly.  Be well and stay healthy.  Thank you.