April 1, 2020 – Mayor Cahill’s Swift 911 Call


Hi.  This is Mayor Mike Cahill with a Wednesday update on three timely points.  First, Beverly property owners will receive our fourth quarter real estate tax bills in the coming days.  We are required by state law to do so.  Please know this.  We understand that some are experiencing real and unprecedented financial hardship right now.  There is state legislation pending that would allow cities to waive penalties and interest on late payments, as well as extending certain exemption filing deadlines to June 1st.  If – and hopefully – when this legislation is passed, we will update you immediately through several media including in a future phone call from me.

Since property tax revenue is necessary to the city delivering police, fire, public health, education, and other critically important services to us all, we ask everyone among us who can to pay our taxes in a timely manner and let’s all help each other through this time.

Second, today begins our second cycle through our voluntary staggered grocery shopping schedule.  Remember, please, if you live in Wards one and two, do your food shopping on Wednesday (today) or Saturday, Wards three and four, on Thursday or Sunday, and Wards five and six, on Friday or Monday.  This leaves Tuesday as an open day for anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to shop on one of their assigned days.  Thank you for your help in keeping our grocery markets safer for all.

Third, here are a couple of tips for keeping a safe social distance from others while out getting a bit of exercise or food shopping.  Remember that we should walk or jog against car traffic, and we should bike with the traffic.  This one thing can greatly minimize interaction with others when we are out.  When buying takeout, call ahead or order online so you won’t have to wait in the restaurant.  Try not to open any doors with an unprotected hand.  After buying your food, don’t touch your face.  When you get home, remove the food from its packaging, dispose of the packaging, then wash your hands before doing anything else.  We should all take the same precautions when grocery shopping.

This is Mayor Mike Cahill.  Thanks for listening and for doing your part to help keep our community safe and healthy.  Have a relaxing Wednesday evening, and I wish you good health.