21 Porter Terrace Waiver of Frontage

The application is seeking a Waiver of Frontage and Definitive Subdivision Approval from the Board and proposes to divide one 15,000 sq.ft. lot into:

  • One 5,000 sq.ft. lot (Lot 345) with 50’ of frontage on Porter Terrace
  • One 10,000 sq.ft. lot (Lot 1) with 100’ of width on an unconstructed and unaccepted portion of Livingstone Ave, requiring waiver of frontage because they only propose to pave/finish 50′ of the unconstructed way in front of the lot instead of the full 100′.
  • Extension of Livingstone Way, an unconstructed and unaccepted way, for 110′, which exceeds the maximum dead end street allowance.

The Waiver of Frontage is a two-step process, requiring both a Variance from the ZBA and a Subdivision approval from the Planning Board. The applicant received a Variance from the ZBA on January 23, 2019 granting lot area and  relief for Lot 345 (now Lot 2).

21 Porter Terrace_revised Plan Set (01-20-2020)

21 Porter Terrace_revised List of Waivers (01-20-2020)

21 Porter Terrace_revised letter from Hancock (01-23-2020)

21 Porter Terrace revised stormwater memo (01-20-2020)

21 Porter Terrace revised HydroCAD Report (01-20-2020)


21 Porter Terrace Application

21 Porter Terrace Stormwater Memo.docx

21 Porter Terrace Stamped Plan Set

21 Porter Terrace Letter w Fire Truck Turn-Around Plan