21 Porter Terrace Waiver of Frontage

The application is seeking a Waiver of Frontage and Definitive Subdivision Approval from the Board and proposes to divide one 15,000 sq.ft. lot into:

  • One 5,000 sq.ft. lot (Lot 345) with 50’ of frontage on Porter Terrace
  • One 10,000 sq.ft. lot (Lot 1) with 100’ of width on an unconstructed and unaccepted portion of Livingstone Ave.

The Waiver of Frontage is a two-step process, requiring both a Variance from the ZBA and a Subdivision approval from the Planning Board. The applicant received a Variance from the ZBA on January 23, 2019 granting lot area and frontage relief for Lot 345.


21 Porter Terrace Application

21 Porter Terrace Stormwater Memo.docx

21 Porter Terrace Stamped Plan Set

21 Porter Terrace Letter w Fire Truck Turn-Around Plan